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How to Boost Online Bookings and Win More Customers | GoLocall Web Services Private Limited | Boost Online Bookings, Booking management information system - GL106900

Looking for the best ways to grow your customer base in the digital age? Use these expert tips to increase your online bookings and convert more leads.

Having an online booking system is a no-brainer, especially since today’s businesses are riding high on the digital transformation bandwagon. If you’re not accepting bookings online and round-the-clock, you’re losing a lot of sales. 

That’s because 7 in 10 customers prefer to book online and  40 percent of online bookings happen after business hours.

An online booking system makes it easy and convenient for people to reach you — and you can use it to elevate the customer experience and build a strong loyal customer base. Nothing beats a business that engages customers any time, anywhere. 

More online bookings mean more sales and more opportunities to accelerate business growth. If you want more online bookings, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 5 simple steps you can take to increase your online appointments and convert more digital leads.

Make your ‘Booking’ option and Call-to-Action (CTA) stand out

Your booking button and CTA must be strong, visible, and strategically placed on your website. Explore contrasting colors and font styles to make the booking button easy to spot. It is best practice to have an optimized booking option or button more than once on a page. Place it where people can access it with ease. 

Keep your CTAs clear, simple, and engaging. A prominent “Book now” always works. Your customers should clearly understand what action to take next so they can readily book your services. 

Share your booking options via email, SMS, and social media

Spread the word about your business’s online booking options by promoting them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and all your social channels. If you have the budget, investing in paid search and online advertising is worth it.  

Adding your booking page URL to your email signature is a must. Send out email campaigns informing your customers of your online booking features. Highlighting a booking page URL or a QR code on your business cards, flyers, brochures, and other marketing materials will also direct traffic to your booking page.

Offer coupons, loyalty programs

Entice more customers by giving them a unique coupon code, seasonal discounts, or other freebies and incentives when they book you. These initiatives will create buzz around your online booking options and draw more traffic to your business. 

If you’re feeling extra generous, then don’t think twice about running a simple loyalty program to reward your existing and top customers. For example, you can give them discounts for every recurring booking they make. 

Keep information, availability up to date

Make sure that all relevant details like location and working hours are accurate and updated regularly. A booking calendar that shows your real-time availability will make it easier for customers to book you and also avoid any booking mistakes and operational issues. 

Also, it’s best practice to be upfront with your prices, packages, and guidelines. Transparency matters to your customers. Be clear, concise, and straightforward about everything that your customers need to know when booking your services. 

Choose a reliable booking platform

To grow your loyal customer base, you need a fully functional online booking system that is responsive and mobile-optimized. Your online booking platform's must-have features include the following:  integration with other calendars or apps, automated email and SMS reminders or notifications about bookings, and 24/7 booking.

GoLocall’s Booking Tool lets you leverage all these powerful features and more! The digital tool enables you to manage all your bookings from one place. Make it easier for customers to book you online by adding one-click booking to your website, Google, Facebook, popular apps, maps, and more. 

Plus, this booking platform also lets you offer online payments. That way, customers can pay you the moment they make a booking. Don’t miss this opportunity to give your customers the best booking experience with an online system that’s easy to use, fast, and reliable!

GoLocall can help your business grow in so many ways, all in one friendly dashboard. Ready to dive in? Start a free trial. Prefer a conversation? Book a demo.

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