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If you are a small business owner and want your business website to rank higher on Google. If you have been regularly searching the answer of “how to improve Google search results”, “how Google algorithm works”, “How to increase you Google ranking” etc in Google than you have come to the right place.

There are two ways to rank on first page. The first one is Search Engine Optimisation and other one is Search Engine Marketing. SEO is organic and SEM is inorganic or paid search. SEO needs hard-work and time but give a long term benefits whereas Paid ads give you quick results but short term benefits.

The statistics say that 70% of the people click on the organic search result, while only 30% are likely to click on the paid links.

Paid ads can be effective but they are expensive as well as temporary. Then why people rely on expensive paid ads.


Some want quick results, thinking paid ads will help them generate revenue fast. Others don’t know how to rank higher on Google or they only know about adwords for ranking. Some can’t keep up with ever changing algorithm of SEO.


Following are the few problems why people avoid SEO for organic search results and opt for Google adwords


·      SEO takes a lot of time to show results

·      Changes in SEO ranking factors can ruin your results & hard-work overnight

·      It’s a long term and continuous process

·      Hard to scale

·      SEO is complicated and will always remain complicated

·      Algorithm always keeps changing.

·      Small business owners don’t have time to manage their SEO on their own

·      Even Digital marketers find it hard to constantly remain updated with Google’s algorithm along with managing their growing clients list.


So what is the solution that removes all these problems of SEO and gives better search engine results organically?


The solution is Gowebrocket. Webrocket is an AI-powered SEO plugin designed by “Local SEO” Experts of GoLocall. This SEO tool can turn even a beginner into an SEO expert. It is the best alternative of Google adwords as well as any other Search engine marketing tool.

Gowebrocket combine the best of both worlds i.e organic and paid ads. You will get faster and better results organically.

You don’t need to worry about any other things like, link building, on page/ off page SEO, researching keywords, other technical SEO or any Google ranking factor. You just need to update regularly about the business, i.e one or two small updates in a week to get your website to the top of Google organically. Gowebrocket get you results in 1-3 months.


Digital marketers also can manage and grow their clients with Gowebrocket with very little efforts.


GoLocall developers keep a closer eye on all the latest trends in digital marketing field and update its tools in the line with Google. You don’t need to worry about Google ranking algorithm changes in SEO ever.

So if you are investing (or wating) in Google adwords for quicker results or any other reason mentioned above, then it is time you try GoLocall. It will bring you more traffic and it is a long term solution as well. Choose Golocall and get your/ your client’s business website to the top of Google... organically. No paid Ads or pay per click charges.

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