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As most of you know most local businesses are closing in an effort to fight the COVID-19. We also, in an effort to save our team members and clients, have started working from home and avoiding all types of physical meeting with our clients and businesses.
We are hopeful that the situation will be normal again but it might be difficult for small businesses to get into the same track again.

We request you please take care of your family as well as your staff. Besides, please do take care of your business. As it is your business that will take care of you, your family and your employees in future.

If you are financially able please help your employees till this outbreak dies and your business returns to a profitable situation.

In this situation where physical human interaction and their work are restricted, our tools are still working for you round the clock even in complete lockdown of our country. With GoLocall’s tools and your little effort you can beat your competitors and grow your business consistently. So if you are GoLocall customer keep updating your website/ plugin every now and then

  Lockdown indeed is a standstill with zero business. But this too shall pass. Be prepared to scale up your business after this crisis.

There could be an opportunity knocking on the door, but it is all upto you as how you take it.

  Soon people will start searching and purchasing products and services. Though people will be a little cautious.

Will you adapt to the situation and overcome it 

Are you prepared to provide product and service to your customers post-crisis?

And lastly, are you visible/ available to your customers around your locality?  

         Where do you find your name listed in Google search for product/ services in your area? 

· If you can't find yourselves in the first page of Google search

· If you are unable to manage your website yourself

· If you want to take ownership without any technology background

· If you need an encouraging positive thought 

Contact Golocall to ensure that your website starts drawing more visitors and customers. All this, without any need of technical knowledge of design, development or SEO and without any dependence on web-experts or third party aggregators/ portals etc.

Reach out to us at godigital@golocall.com or click “get a free consultation” on our website golocall.com

In the meantime, keep up your health, fitness, immunity and mind strong.

Stay positive. This too shall pass and we will come out stronger.

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