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1. We recommend that business should update 2-3 times in a week regularly.
2. The Updates should be related to your business, products, service and offerings etc.
3. Updates should be posted with an image related to your post content or business.

1.    Try to keep the image size below 100 KB. The best image size is 10-20 KB.

2.    Try to make the headline catchy and attractive. It must be 8-10 words long atleast.

3.    Use magic keywords to define keywords related to your update/ post/ content/ business and Headline of the post to target the appropriate audience.

4.    Upload genuine customer testimonials on the website. If possible share customer experience with some unique video

5.    There must not be any spelling errors and try to avoid grammatical mistakes also.

6.    Try to write as naturally as possible. Write as if you are talking to your customers. Don’t stuff your post with keywords only.

7.    If you are short of ideas, please journal your business. It means documenting your business process or activities. To learn more about it please visit https://golocall.com/faqs.html

8.    Try not to repeat or copy your content. However, you can use old content/ blogpost, repurpose (modify or edit) it and make a new post.

9.    The post should be of 100-150 words.

10. Divide your post/ update in “short note” and “brief note” in WebPost - What's New section appropriately.

11. With GoLocall technology and sincere efforts, your business website will rank on the first page of search engines.

12. Tip/ Suggestions for updates/ posting GoLocall business website

·      Offer Announcement

·      Questions from customers

·      New Business Announcement

·      News for your business and customers

·      Any Event, function etc related to your business

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