GoLocall is a SAAS based company that provides web based business tools/platforms for Small Businesses to go online and get discovered by potential customers without any technical knowledge and dependence on developers & web experts.

Software As A Service (SAAS) is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. SAAS Applications are also known as Web-Based Software, On-Demand Software and Hosted Software.

According to a joint research report by google and u.s. Vc firm accel partners, by 2025, India is likely to become a $10 billion revenue industry with 8% share of the global SAAS market.

Following are the benefits of becoming GoLocall independent sales agents/ referral/ reseller/ alliance partners:

1. No bar to Age or Educational Qualifications

There is NO need of specific qualification or degree. GoLocall’s tools doesn’t require any technical knowledge to manage them. One advantage of becoming our partner is the ease of entry. You are not restricted by your age or educational qualifications or profession. Basic knowledge of computer and internet are expected and rest you can learn everything in our training sessions. All you need is a little bit of communication and marketing skills.

2. Be your OWN BOSS

While it sounds very attractive to be your own boss, but it is really very difficult to take a jump in the unknown territory. With GoLocall you don’t need to jump into the entrepreneurial world right way. You can test the water by working part time or on weekends initially. Once you are confident enough, you can take it as your full time business.

When you work for yourself or your own business, you can work as per your schedule. The more you invest your time and resources, the more returns you will get. 


3. Build a Stable & Recurring Income 

Once you become GoLocall partner, your income is only limited by your desire. Due to the booming economy, untapped market and demand of quality products, there is always this opportunity of earning more with a little more effort.

The best part is your one-time effort can give you long term earnings, which can be maintained with minimal service efforts. Once you sell the product, your earning just doesn’t stop here, you get recurring payouts upon renewals of the same client. It means regular revenue with minimum efforts and time.

Thus, over a period, your regular income stabilizes, and every additional effort only increases your income further.


4. Flexible Work Timings

GoLocall offers a mutual partnership designed to grow your income,

With no condition:

  1. Work from anywhere- home/ office
  2. No timings- full time/ part time/ no job hours
  3. No sales target- work as per your convenience
  4. No geographical boundation- work in your city/ state/ region or anywhere
  5. No technical knowledge required

As a partner, you can choose to work as per your convenience. This works best for people who want extra income, but already occupied with other jobs.

5. Zero Investment 

The only investments that you need to do are your time and efforts. There is no upper cap on the income that you can generate. 

6. Be An Expert Without Any Course Or Degree 

GoLocall’s products don’t require any technical knowledge. With our tools you can be as good as any other software engineer. Your prospect will also be able to understand your products as there is no technical explanation

7. Dedicated Support

However, we hope that our complete training program will left no scope for any product/ service related issues, but still every partner gets dedicated support  from GoLocall team. With a solid support system, we ensure you can manage all your clients easily. Even we can help you manage your clients

8. Regular Revenue With Minimum Efforts & Time

Our product/s deployment is effortless and takes very little time. Our products are sort of plug and play. It not only saves you the hassle with your customers, but also spare you substantial time and resources which you can utilize for your own family or business growth.

9. GoLocall Offer for its Partners

  1. Comprehensive training and dedicated support
  2. Fully customized and dynamic website for the partner
  3. 50-80% commission on recurring basis


In a nutshell, if you are looking for a profession where you can be your own boss, define your own income, GoLocall partnership is a thing for you.


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