GoLocall V/s Web Developers

With GoLocall You will get all the advanced features right from the beginning. You can use them as per your business requirement. Like GoLocall Website is E-Commerce ready, if you think to start selling your product online you can use the website as an online store. But with other developers or agency, You have to visit them again and tell them your requirement. Investing Money, time and effort again.

You get GoLocall website at the price of a normal website. Whatever required for a successful business are already built-in in the website which you can use when required. The GoLocall website can scale up with your business growth. You never have to depend on web-developers again and again for new features as they are already in GoLocall website.

After designing your website you need to search for an SEO expert to rank your website higher. But with GoLocall, the tool does this work by itself. Our tool makes SEO so simple that even non tech-savvy person can easily manage and rank his website on the first page of search engine.


GoLocall V/s Traditional SEO 

With this tool you can get the same or better results from a web-developer or an SEO expert. Normally, businesses hire professionals to do the SEO for their website on a half yearly or an annual basis. It cost you higher as traditional SEO is a long term and continuous process. And for better results you need to keep it for a longer period.

Our tool is available 24X7 for you, you can make it work whenever and wherever you want. With our tool you can do all this on your own without any technical knowledge. You will see better results much faster than traditional SEO.


GoLocall V/s Google Adwords

Adwords can be effective, but they are expensive as well as temporary. Our tool works on intelligent automated local search optimization technology. It will bring you more traffic and it is a long term solution as well.

 Our intelligent automated local search optimization technology is so efficient that you will not require a SEO expert not even you have to spend money on Google Adwords. You will save a substantial amount of money with our tool. GoLocall helps to attract local search traffic (purely organic) to businesses on the platform which helps sites ranked higher in search engine results.

With the help of our Auto-SEO technology and regular update of your website ranks higher than your competitors and the one who ranks higher is normally selected by the customer. 


 Just Dial/ IndiaMart/ Other Marketplace V/s GoLocall

In these websites you don’t have your own identity. You will always be associated with Justdial/ Indiamart.

When someone searches for a product/services in such marketplaces. They show a long list of paid as well free listed businesses. The one who pay more is obviously shown higher. The customer also gets confused who he should choose.

You are Paying IndiaMart/Online Portals to be shown with numerous other competitors. 

With GoLocall you get an individual identity. A website is nothing less than an asset for a business. In GoLocall, you have complete ownership and control of your website.

With the help of our Auto-SEO technology and regular updates related to your product or services your website ranks higher than your competitors and the one who ranks higher is normally selected by the customer. Individual website gives more credibility to businesses and customer tends to trust such vendors more.


Amazon/ Flipkart/ Marketplace V/s GoLocall

A website is always better than a marketplace in long run. When customers buy anything from Amazon he says he bought from Amazon. He never says he bought from XYZ company. You can never promote your business and can’t be a brand.

These market places are like Google in itself where customers search for products. And there are hundreds and thousands of sellers/ competitors.

I am not saying that you stop using Amazon and all. But side by side you can create your own identity by using your own website and app. You can attract existing customers from Amazon/ flipkart to your website/ app. If you sell from your website, You can get better margin and don’t have to pay commission to these marketplaces. This will not only generate better profit, but also increase your brand value.


Google My Business vs GoLocall 

Google My Business Promotes you only locally, but GoLocall gives you local as well as Global Presence.

The readers are invited to suggest their opinion and ideas. What platform you using to promote your business.

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